Friday, July 31, 2015

Two new Winged Wardens pages: Comprehensive index and Birds of Killingworth

Alas, the summer is almost over (says the department chair who needs to prepare for the fall semester and write an academic paper or two). So regular posts to this blog will cease for the time-being.

If you look at the side-bar to the right, you will see two new pages. One is a comprehensive list of all Winged Wardens posts so far. The second is the complete text of "Birds of Killingworth," a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, first published in 1863.

The Longfellow poem was once well-known in bird protection circles and was a staple of "Bird Day" programs during the Nature Study era. In addition to giving this blog its name (it really should be "Wing├ęd Wardens"), the poem references many things that should be familiar to careful readers of this blog, from the New England blackbird legend (its chief narrative frame), to specific arguments in favor of and against bird protection. It even incorporates the role of newspapers in the debate. I encourage a slow reading. 

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