Sunday, August 18, 2013

Winged Wardens Index to Posts

The summer is almost over. Other things need attention. So this blog, of small but loyal readership, will be going on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile I will leave you with an index to the 40-odd posts I've made so far, in the order they were posted.

Inaugural Post--What is this all about?

3360 Caterpillars--Richard Bradley publicizes the benefits of house sparrows (1723)

Richard Bradley and Claudius Aelianus--An ancient precedent for Bradley's observations

A Response to Bradley--Destroy the house sparrow (1746)

New England Destroys Blackbirds (and pays for it)--Ben Franklin tells a fable (1753)

Spare the Swallows!--British discourse about swallow protection (1790)

Benjamin Barton and the Utility of the House Wren (1799)

Joseph Addison's Blackbirds (and Richard Steele's Tom-tits) (1712)

Alexander Wilson Vindicates the Kingbird (1808)

Mrs. Trimmer's Talking Robins--A look at children's literature (1786)

The Farm Press and the Roots of American Conservation (1819)

Ignoble Hunters from the City--American Farmer (1819)

The Usefulness of Dunghill Fowl--American Farmer (1819)

A Plea to Printers to Promote the Protection of Useful Birds (1818)

The Useful Bird Act of 1818

Response in the press to the Bird Law #1 (1818)

Response to the Bird Law #2 (1818)

Response to the Bird Law #3 (1818)

Response to the Bird Law #4 (1819)

New York Tries to Save the Heath Hen--early American game laws

Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture--the good done by swallows and waxwings (1795)

Hessian Flies and Bird Sanctuaries--American Farmer (1821)

Election Day Bird Shoots and Grand Squirrel Hunts

Jeremiah Simple shares some advice about birds--American Farmer (1820)

A Vermont Farmer defends Robins--American Farmer (1822)

The British influence on early American bird protection--New England Farmer (1822)

A Judgement from Heaven--The religious framing of bird protection (1826)

A Southern Perspective--John Randolph of Roanoke defends the blackbird (1820)

Letters to the New England Farmer #1: Bird Shooting (1824)

Letters to the New England Farmer #2: Wanton Destruction of Birds (1827)

Letters to the New England Farmer #3: Insectivorous Birds (1828)

Letters to the New England Farmer #4: Insectiverous Birds (1828)

"Bird Shooting," a poem by Thomas Green Fessenden--New England Farmer (1829)

Dissent from a Bee-Keeper--New England Farmer (1828)

An Enthusiasm for Ornithologies--Wilson, Nuttall, and Audubon in the farm press (1830)

Horticultural Enemies or Ecological Allies--New York Farmer (1830)

Massachusetts Horticultural Society and Bird Protection--New England Farmer (1830)

The Needless Destruction of Songbirds--Four articles from the New England Farmer (1832)

Bird Shooting and the True Sportsman--American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine (1830)

"Ought we to kill the birds that eat our fruit?"--Genesee Farmer (1832)

"On Birds and their Misfortunes"--New England Farmer (1834)

Silent Spring 1834 style--New England Farmer (1834)

Crows on Trial--New England Farmer (1834)

The Slaughter of Marsh Birds--New Massachusetts game laws (1835)

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